Avengers 3 Infinity War


In the following section it can be that we talk about deaths from heros in the movie or other things.

The Story:

This movie is about the MCU heros and how they try to keep Thanos away from the Infinity stones, if you get all of them then you are the strongest man in the galaxy. You can´t hold the Infinity stones in you´re hands, if you´re a normal person, but Thanos have got the “Infinity-Gauntlet” with which you can hold the Infinity stones. Because of this, all Avengers and Guardians of the galaxy try to defeat him.


Director: Joe Le Anthony Russo

The length of the movie is: 2h 36 min

In the first days after releasing, the MCU collected over 220 million US-Dollar.

The movie has a very good cast, because every star actor from the other MCU movies were casted for Avengers 3. The cast: Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Bautista and Josh Brolin.

Jurassic World 2 The fallen Kingdom


In the following section it can be that we talk about deaths from people in the movie or other things.

The Story:

After the horrible ending of the first movie, Claire tried to save the dinosaurs, because they´re threatened of the Vulcan which we´re going to explode. But the parliament wanted to just leave them there. But then she got a mission from an old friend to save at least one dinosaur from a kind. To get the Raptor blue, which we´re already known in the first movie, Claire needed Owen Grady her on-off-friend from the first movie. He trained “Blue” and the other Raptors in the old Jurassic World. At the middle of the movie you recognize that Claires old friend just want to sell the dinosaurs and with the DNA of “Blue” they created a very agressive dinosaur. The dinosaur we´re called “Indoraptor” and like everyone expected he broke out and Owen, Claire, “Blue” and the granddaughter from Claires old friend tried to survive and to defeat the “Indoraptor”. A got plot twist was that you found out over the whole film that the little Girl / the granddaughter is a DNA-clon of her Mom which died. Because of the death of the old friends daughter, he cloned his dead daughter.


Cast: Owen Grady we´re acted by Chris Pratt

Claire we´re played by Bryce Dallas Howard


A quiz to Infinity War

Wich stone got Thanos  as the fourth?

A: Space stone                           B:Time stone                       C: Mind stone

D: Power stone                          E: Reality stone                   F: Soul stone

How many children Thanos has?

A: 7                              B:4                            C: 6                     D:5

How many children of Thanos died?

A: 1                            B: 5                           C: 4                        D: 6

On wich hand has Thanos the „Infinity gauntlet“?

A: Lefthand                 B: Righthand                 C: He does not have one

How many legs have the aliens of  Thanos army?

A: 4                           B:6                          C:2                     D: 8

What is the name of the dwarf who makes Thors weapon?

A: Thorin                 B: Eitri                    C: Ghimbli         D: Bombur

How many options has Dr. Strange looked  for ?

A: Over 14.000.000    B: Over 14.000     C: Over 140.000   D: 15.000.000