Horoscopes & Tips



21st January – 19th Febuary

Family: You will argue with your parents and spend some quality time with your sibling.

School:  You will get  average marks, but your teachers don´t like you.

Friends: You should talk more with your friends, because they are getting apart from you…

Love: Your crush won´t always wait for you, So you have to do sth., invite her/ him to eat ice cream or go to the cinema, even if you know her/him just over the internet.


20th Febuary – 20th march

Family: You have a hard time with your family, because your parents are not so much at home.

School: Your grades will be ok and you will argue with your teacher.

Friends: You have lots of friends, but you should spend more time with them.

Love: You will meet the love of your life in a supermarket.


21st march-20th april

Family;  Your Grandfather will die, but your Grandma will marry again.

School:  Your grades will be terrible and the teacher will punish you for being loud in class.

Friends: Your best friend will make you a gift and you will be very happy about it.

Love: You will finally find a perfect girl/Boy, she/ he will waiting for you in a library.


21st april-20th may

Family: You will have a great family time on the weekend and your father will get you a new mobile.

School: Your grades will be perfect, although  your teacher hates you.

Friends: You don’t have any friends, but you are lucky abou that.

Love: Your crush won´t always wait for you, So you have to do sth., invite her/ him to drink a coffee or go to the zoo, even if you know her/him just over the internet.


21st May-20th June

Family: You will argue with your sibling, but your mom will prefer you.

School: You will change your school, but you will be happy there too.

Friends: You will miss your friends, but you will be able to make fast new friends.

Love: You won’t got a crush right now, but maybe in a few months.


22nd june-22nd july

Family: You will agree with your siblings about the holiday plans, but you will argue with your parents.

School: You will get average grades and all teachers like you.

Friends: You have not so much friends, but they are very good friends and like you very very much.

Love: Your real love is in your near but you didn´t recognize that. Lokk around who likes you best? Maybe that is your real love.


23rd July-23rd august

Family: You will argue with your mum and your father will give you a big present.

School: You have good grades and every teacher likes you.

Friends: the friends you have are not much but very good.

Love: No Love!


22nd December-20th January

Family: Your sibling will steal your money and destroy your favorite toy. But your Grandma will give you new money.

School: You will get a bad mark, but your last lesson will be canceled, so you can eat ice cream.

Friends: You will argue with your best friend

Love: Your Crush will talk to you, it´s the best day of your life!


One decision can change your Life

Take the umbrella?

Yes:                                                                                                                            No:

You go to work and a girl comes.                                                           You go to work and pass a girl.

It starts to rain, so you ask her if she                                                   At the coffeeshop you meet that girl.

wants to come under the umbrella.                                               She needs 20 cents, so you give her

She says yes and in this moment you                                                 20 cents.  You fall in love. But 2 years

are in love.You get married and you                                                   later she cheats on you  so you break

have two children.                                                                                  up with her.


Buy a dog ?

Yes:                                                                                                         No:

Your children play with the dog.                                                     Every day you  go with the dog to

Everyday they go to the park.                                                         the park .One day a woman comes with

But your wife doesn`t like the dog,                                       3 children and your dog jumps onto a little

when you are at work she gives the dog                                   girl. The woman gets angry and she

away. You two have an argument.                                               goes to the police .You never get married

but you have a dog which you love.

No:                                                                                                         Yes:

Your children are bored,so they aren`t                                           Every day you go in the park.

often at home. Your wife is concerned so                                     Then come a woman with 3 children.

she has an argument with the children.                                       One little girl trips and hurts her leg.

She whines so you comfort her.                                                     You come and help her, the woman was

After that your family does trips together                                    very happy . You meet her often and

and you are very happy now!                                                          You fall in love. You never get married

                                                                     but you are together for the rest of your life!


       Is he secretly in love with you?

Who has never asked himself before: „It’s possible that he is in love with me? Does he like me?“

Many people will say now: „I’ve never done this!“, but it‘s really true?

Do this test and find out if he’s  secretly in love with you!

How do you have to do this? Under these text you’ll find eight questions. If you think it’s the same thing the person you’re in love with, crosses the right answer. You can choose between three answers. If you finish all questions will have to go to the next page. There is your solution. Good luck!

PS: You can do this test for a girl also! I just write him all the time, because it was easier to write that as he/she.

  • Is he sometimes looking at you? (In the lessions, break, etc.)

 No, I don’t think so

 Sometimes… I’m not sure. Maybe he just looks in my direction.

  Oh yes! I think he often looks at me.

  • What does he know about you?

 He knows where I live and he has my number. Sometimes we’re chatting.

 He doesn’t know any about me.

 I think he knows all about my.

  • Does he give you attention?

 Yes! Often!

 No, he don’t.

 If I talk to him then yes, sure. but otherwise… he doesn´t.

  • Have you ever gone out on a date?                       

 Yes. We have studied for a test and after that we saw a movie.

No. I asked him but he didn’t have time.

Hm. I don’t think you can call it a date, because I saw him on the street and picked my latin book up at his home. We                     swapped them.

  • Are you friends?  

 At least we are not enemies. But friends?…

 Yes, we understand each other.

Ähh… no.

  • Does he say : „hello!“, if he is seeing you?

 Sometimes. Not always but sometimes.

 Yes. He sees me, smiles and says hello.

 Hm, yes. But after that he ignores me.

  • Does he behave differently when you’re there?



 He laughs.

  • Does he often is closing of you?

Yes… but often? Sometimes more, sometimes less.

If he has to.





Yeah! You have done it! Now check out which of the three symbols you have ticked the most! Your solution is under these text!


If you ticked these symbol at the most, than I’m sorry, but no. He isn’t in love with you. He like’s you but not very strong. But maybe you can be friends? You don’t know what your destiny is about…


If you ticked these symbol at the most, I can’t help you. Why? Oh, it’s easy. Because you have to choose it self! At this phrase aren’t any rules. But if he loves you, you will notice it. Good Luck!


And the last: if you choose this at the most…  you can think it, right? These symbol: He is in love with you. Over both ears! He’s just to shy to tell it you… Maybe you have to do the first step! Have believe in you, than you will do the right!




A test by Clara Piehler, 7c



Behind your smile

I looked at you,

and for a while,

I could see the pain

behind your smile.

All your troubles

and all your fears,

will soon be gone,

they’ll disappear.

Just hang on

And don’t let go.

Yet your bright smile,

would hide cold snow.

You have suffered,

but don’t worry, dear,

through thick and thin

I’ll still be here.

by Isabel