World Cup 2018


Article about Russia

The World Cup 2018 is in Russia. Some people are not quite happy about that, because Russia is a country that dopes in many sport competitions. On the 14th of June Russia won the Opening game against Saudi Arabia. After the 5:0 for Russia people already think that the Russians don’t respect the rule of forbidden doping. There’s a guess that Russia already doped at the World Cup 2014. But there’s no proof for that. At all past World Cups Russia got kicked out in the group stage. For Russia the game against Saudi Arabia is a dream start.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin holds the World’s championship trophy


Group stage


At the end oft the World Cup Qualification everybody was very surprised.      The first thing that got noticed was that Italy had not qualified themselves. That Italy is not    a part of a World Cup is very unusual. It’s also a pity that Wales is not qualified. Football star Gareth Bale, who plays for Real Madrid, is Wales‘star. It was always his dream to be a part of a big football tournament. He and his team showed a great European Cup. In the knock out phrase they finally got kicked out by Portugal, who got European Champion in the final, with 1:0 against France who had before kicked out Germany with two goals from Antoine Griezmann (one penalty). Everybody is of course very happy that Iceland is qualified. They are a very likeable team. Although they are an outsider, they are a team with its qualities. For them the European Cup was already a highlight.

But there are also quite surprising teams qualified:

Examples: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Panama, Tunisia, Senegal

The underlined teams are already sorted out.


World Cup Quiz

1. Jérôme Boateng made his debut for the German national team in 2009. Which club transfered the former HSV professional after the World Cup 2010?

(A)Bayern Munich

(G)Manchester City

(F)AC Milan

2.Which current international football player, who was also in the  squad of national coach Jogi Löw for the World Cup in Russia, has begun as a youth player at Altona 93? 

(E)Jonathan Tah

(D)Antonio Rüdiger

(R)Niklas Süle

3.A team played during the 2006 World Cup two games in Hamburg. Some people said it was almost home games. Which team was it?




4.In 1966, Germany lost with the hamburgers Willi Schulz and Uwe Seeler the final against England at Wembley Stadium by a goal that went famous in football history. From whose hands did the two HSV players take the silver medals for the second place? 

(M)Queen Elizabeth II

(Z)Prince Charles

(S)Prince Philip

5.During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, four group games and a quarter-final were played in Hamburg. What was the stadium called ?


(W)AOL Arena


6.Who was the first world champion?




7.Who has got the most World Cup titles?